Valerie Stein has a passion for all things Art Deco and, through her retail outlet, Fabrile, has been able to share that passion over the last twenty-five years.

Located in a period Art Deco building at 927 High Street, Armadale, Melbourne Valerie’s business captures the elegance of the Art Deco period in a setting many visitors compare with boutique retail outlets in Paris.

Fabrile provides a rich offering of Art Deco Jewellery, art, decorative objects and furniture. Visitors are encouraged to browse and ask questions. People seek decorating suggestions and take advantage of Valerie’s offer to find special pieces to meet specific decorating requirements or collector dreams.

Through Valerie's extensive travels and global network of contacts the offering at Fabrile is constantly changing and so many clients have been coming over years. Fabrile is a traditional retail outlet dedicated to our wonderful clients and personalised service. We look forward to seeing you at Fabrile.

About the Fabrile Web Site

The Fabrile website is designed to provide an insight to the business at 927 High Street and is linked to Instagram. The site provides a library of ever changing stock currently on offer at 927 High Street and some photographs of things dear to Fabrile including Paloma Pickle, the new addition to the Fabrile family, who loves the retail environment.

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